We have technology! Computers, cell phones, the whole nine. Your property manager still uses a Blackberry I bet. The old one with physical buttons, not even the new one with a touchscreen.

Something about how we do things differently.

We communicate. When's the last time your property manager just called to chat? Probably never. We don't only call when we need approval to fix a busted toilet. 

Protecting your asset. We drop off air filters monthly so we can secretly spy on the tenants and report back if they are trashing your investment property.


Something About Why We are Awesome.

Here Matt. A nice, cute paragraph that summarizes what wonderful work we do as property managers. We've been property managing since 2002. That's a long time. Most property managers lose their minds after 4-5 years.

A final thought, and letting them know they can contact us.

We rule, everyone else sucks. There's a widget over yonder where you can relay any questions about managing property you can imagine. It's right over there. 

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The Mullin Group
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