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Raneshia Jones, REALTOR

Meet Raneshia Jones, the newest REALTOR at The Mullin Group.

Born and raised in Northern Alabama, Raneshia takes pride in bringing southern hospitality to Las Vegas! Being brought up on thoughtfulness and hard work, she focuses most on building long-lasting relationships.

Raneshia is currently serving her 13th year as Staff Sergeant Jones, in the United States Army Reserves. She strives to provide self-less service not only to her soldiers and to this country but also to any client in need.

When she isn't helping others with their real estate goals, Raneshia enjoys working out and being the best dog mom to her 120lbs Italian Mastiff, Oakley!

Raneshia quickly builds a strong rapport with her clients and business partners. We are so excited to have Raneshia on our team.

Let's get to know Raneshia

Her driving force is my future and my past! I've grown and overcome way more that I speak on and every day I wake up and strive to get better.

Raneshia says:

" I recently read Successful Women Speak Differently by Valorie's the most relatable set of words that have helped me realize that I don't have to be perfect or the most experienced to be successful. I often re-read this book as a reminder.

My 5-year plan is to be promoted to Sergeant First Class Jones with only a few years left to retire from the military, 40-50 real estate transactions per year from referrals and past clients, 10 rental properties, and also to have expanded my immediate family, whether I have been blessed with a happy marriage and children or another dog or two.

When I meet anyone for the first time, I always ask, 'How are you?' I genuinely care about others, and I can get a sense of their personality style from their response which helps me adjust to them and create a better experience."


"Don't look back, you're not going that way."

We are excited to have Raneshia a part of the Mullin Team and can't wait to support her in reaching her goals.

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