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Erin Ackerman

Realtor since: 2009

Mullin Group Team Member Since 2020

Erin Says it Best.

While I was already an established solo agent, I realized that in our evolving tech-driven industry, I lacked the tools and depth to take my client representation to the next level and compete for business (and simply could not do it on my own).  As a member of The Mullin Group, I can now offer the COMPLETE PACKAGE, plus I receive daily support with everything from transaction management to mindset and business development.  With my team support, I grew my transaction volume by 25% in year 1, plus the peace of mind and ability to spend more time with my family/travel has been immeasurable.

What was the Impact?

Transaction Impact

Increased by 25%

Volume Impact

1st Year - $7,000,000

16 Families Served

2nd Year - $2,800,000 (in only one month!)

7 Families Served 

Big Impact:

Being a part of the team simplified the escrow processes, elevating the management and client journey, removing the litany of "To Dos" and "Workflow" from my inbox.  That alone would have made the switch worth it, but I also saw an increased level of opportunities generated from consistent marketing and social media activities, freed up my typical day, and let me do what I do best, help families find their forever homes.

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